Program Committee

The purpose of the Program Committee is to organize various projects to support the Mission and Purpose of the UCCPAAA (see Home Page).   Project coordinators are assigned to each approved project to manage that activity.  Some projects are continuing while others are one-time.

Program Committee              
Project Coordinator & Members
Audit Janet McClure, Marlene Cullen
Blue Santa Tom Ingle, Gary & Nell Stein, Jerry & Felicia Skrocki, Eli Koehle
Business Membership Tom Ingle
Fund Raising Dan Hancock, Tom Ingle
Continuing Education Dan Meyer
Evidence Paul Pratt,  Tom Ingle, Bob Miller, Gary Stein
Court Liason Arnie Saunders, Gary Reichle,, Clarence Johnson, Fred Hicinbotham, Mary Flack, Mike Bolduc, Delilah Meiring, Felica Skrocki, Agelica Delgado
Fingerprinting  Marcia Smith, Regina Smith
National Night Out Jodi Williams-Thomas,  Marlene Cullen, Amity Dohoney, Bill Fitzpatrick, Chistina Fitzpatrick, Garry Moore, Lisa Quates
Neighborhood Watch Dan Hancock
Police Appreciation/Snacks Elfi Koehle, Dan Hancock
Registrar Paul Najarian, Beverly Volle, Laurie Hancock, Dan Hancock
Safety Patrol Bill Fitzpatrick
Veterans Day Parade  Lisa Quates
Voice Mail Converted to Email
Warrants Support Dan Hancock, Pat Kline, Karla Detrick, Carol Smoot, Arnie Saunders,  Ina  & Larry Nepsund, Tom Ingle, Brenda Hester, Angelica Delgado, Roe Neal, Ed Sheeran, Steve Diotte