Universal City Neighborhood Watch

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Join Your Neighborhood Watch


NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHis neighbors helping neighbors.  They are extra eyes and ears for reporting crime and helping neighbors.  Members meet their neighbors, learn how to make their homes more secure, watch out for each other and the neighborhood, and report activity that raises their suspicions to the Police Department. 

·         Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective and least costly ways to prevent crimes and reduce fear in our neighborhoods.  It forges bonds among area residents, helps reduce burglaries and robberies, and improves relations between our police and the community they serve. 

·         Today’s transient society produces less personal communities.  Families often have two working parents and children involved in activities that keep them away from home.  An empty house in a neighborhood where none of the neighbors know the owner is a prime target for burglary. 


  A motivated individual and a few concerned residents can:

·         Organize a small planning committee of neighbors to discuss needs, the level of interest, and possible community problems. 

·         Select a Block Captain to organize members and relay information. 

·         Contact the Universal City Citizens Police Academy (CPA), or 

     the Universal City Citizens Police Academy  Alumni Association at: UCCPAAA, or 

     the UCCPAAA  Neighborhood Watch Coordinator (NWC) at: NWC   or  call 659-0333, Ext. 526  to schedule an initial meeting to gauge neighbors’ interest; establish the purpose of the program; and begin to identify issues that need to be addressed. 

·         Hold block parties, such as National Night Out, to help neighbors get to know each other. 

·         Recruit members, keeping up-to-date information on new residents and making special efforts to involve the elderly, working parents, and young people.  Any resident can join: young and old, single and married, renter and homeowner.  Even the busiest of people can keep an eye out for neighbors as they come and go. 

·         Work with the UCCPAAA  Neighborhood Watch Coordinator to train members in home security and reporting skills and for information on local crime patterns. 

·         Attend the Universal City CPA.  Depending upon interest, free classes will be held each Spring and Fall.  Contact the: Registrar  via email or call 659-0333, Ext. 526,  or visit us at our: Alumni Association Website.  

·         Work with the Universal City Public Works Department (658-5364) to order and install Neighborhood Watch signs. 


·         Be alert!  Know your neighbors and watch out for each other. 

·         Report suspicious activities and crimes to the U. C. Police Department (658-5353, Ext.1). 

·         Call   9-1-1  for emergencies. 

·         Learn how to make your self, family and community safer. 

·         Talk about concerns and problems with your neighbors. 



·         Someone screaming or shouting for help. 

·         Someone looking in windows of houses and parked cars. 

·         Property being taken out of houses where no one is at home. 

·         Vehicles moving slowly with no apparent destination or without lights.

·         Anyone being forced into a vehicle. 

·         A stranger sitting in a car or stopping to talk to a child. 



·         Emergencies:  9-1-1         Non-emergencies:  658-5353, Ext. 1 

·         Give your name and address. 

·         Explain what happened. 

·         Briefly describe suspect:  sex, race, age, height, weight, hair color, clothing, and distinctive characteristics such as facial hair, scars, or accent. 

·         Describe any vehicle:  color, make, model, license plate, and unique features such as dents or stickers.